Fastway Linkage Guard Reviewed by Thumper Talk

Fastway Linkage Guard Reviewed by Thumper Talk

"How did it perform? Well, exactly as advertised! With the linkage set 2mm out, it improved the overall stability of my bike and allowed the rear to track better. The flat protective surface worked amazingly well over large logs, maybe even better than a PDS equipped bike. The adjustable linkage guard acts as a ramp that directs obstacles from the skid plate directly to the rear wheel. The flat surface of the guard also keeps the bike balanced when hung up on obstacles versus the “rocking” sensation experienced when a bike becomes stuck on the narrow stock linkage components. When I did become hung up, I could easily slide the bike over with very little throttle as the back tire was better aligned to gain traction on the log or rock surface."


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Thumper Talk Review of the Fastway Linkage Guard

  • Posted on   03/21/14 at 12:00:00 AM   by Robin  | 
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