Adventure Moto Reviews the Fastway Adventure Footpeg

Adventure Moto Reviews the Fastway Adventure Footpeg

Fastway Adventure Peg Review by ADVMoto


Fastway Adventure Footpegs by Pro Moto Billet: Paul H. Smith

Is there something about Idaho that attracts great people and dual-sport businesses? If so, the folks at Pro Moto Billet are no exception.  ADVMoto recenty worked with them to fit their new Fastway Adventure Footpegs for a Suzuki DR650 project bike, adding it to a long list of adventure/dual-sport bikes for which these pegs are already available.  These Adventure Footpegs are innovative in many ways, one being the ability to move them easily to other bikes with the aid of “Fit Kits.”

If you’re tired of small, non-grippin stock footpegs (especially if you havee large feet), you’ll appreaciate the design of these footpegs.  They’re H-U-G-E, comfortable, cling to your boots, and afford awesome control when standing up off road.

Compare their 4.75” x 2.25” (120mm x 57mm) to your existing footpegs.  Throw just about any terrain or wet and slimy conditions at them and it’s doubtful that your feet are anywhere but rock solid on the pegs.  They’re far less fatiguing for all-day standing, too.  Smaller pegs care really hurt after a while, but the Fastways are as stable as floorboards.  They may take a little time to acclimate to because of their size and the added control they provide, but you won’t be running back the smaller pegs any time soon.

Fastway Adventure Footpegs are made from lightweight 7075 billet aluminum and are three-way adjustable: Camper (side to side tilt) – a few degrees via an easily adjustable lug bolt; Height – aproximately 10mm up or down via a reversible collar; Traction – by varying the adjustable/removable/replacable cleats (short and long versions are included), provides five settings: flat low, flat high, tall center, angled forward or angled backward.

The engineers at Pro Moto Billet have a truly innovative design.  We highly recomment their new Adventure Footpegs.


  • Provide excellent foot control for off-road
  • Beautifully made, rugged construction
  • Cleats lock your riding boots in place
  • Available for many different bikes


  • Expensive upgrade
  • May be too large for some
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